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We believe your wedding film should be more than a simple documentation of your day. With each wedding, we aim to create an artistic and tangible experience that brings you back to the emotions you experienced on your wedding day. Furthermore, by taking only a limited number of weddings each season, it's our goal to make every film our best work. Ever growing, ever striving for more creative, cinematic and passionate films.

Our name:
Folklore is a body of expressive culture shared. This includes tales, art and rituals like weddings. Folklore is not taught in a classroom or studied. Instead, these traditions are passed on informally from individuals and down generations. 
Grandma & Grandpa Lore were married in 1954. They built their family farm in which they raised five children and eventually ten granddaughters. Grandpa Lore was an exceptional story teller and filled his family with love, stories, jokes and traditions. We use their legacy as inspiration to create artistic films to tell your story. A story that your family and friends can cherish for years to come. 

Filmmakers & Storytellers 

We believe weddings are one of the most beautiful events life has to offer and aim to make these joyous occasions into works of art! Instead of simply documenting the moments of the day, our films strive to artistically portray your day in a way that is intriguing and entertaining.

We want to create with you a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. Your wedding day can be a bit of a blur. Your film allows you so slow down, rewind, and remember exactly what those laughs and happy tears looked and

felt like. Live film truly captures the raw emotions.

We love love, and can’t wait to capture your story!

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Love Notes

"For anyone wondering if making the investment to hire a videographer is worth it, let me put your mind at ease. Nathan captured our special day almost 4 years ago. We STILL watch our video he created for us to this day. And the most special part about it is now that we have kids they are able to get a glimpse of their mommy and daddy’s wedding. They love watching it. Pictures are great, and a necessity to every wedding but nothing takes you back to all the “feel good/love/fairytale” feels quite like that short video. And don't just hire anyone, hire someone like Nathan who has such an incredible eye for this stuff. He’s so creative and talented, he will not disappoint."

- Melanie H.

"Nathan was such a joy to work with. Professional and accommodating for our special requests he even rented some extra equipment to appease me (the bride). Our short video of our wedding day captured it so perfectly! They are exceptionally affordable as well in an industry that goes above and beyond the price tag because they can. You will not be disappointed in choosing this company to work with- to capture your most intimate moments."

                                      - Amandha R. 

"Nathan's production of our wedding video was beyond our expectations! He traveled to meet us in Banff and the time we spent with him was easy and enjoyable. The finished product was moving, captured the beauty of our surroundings and the details of our day in a way that I know we will enjoy watching for years to come! To make this even more amazing, he provided us with a video to share at our party just four days later. I would recommend him without hesitation for a magnificent wedding experience and video!"


                                                                     - Jena & Derrick

"We were blown away by Nathan skill and eye for detail in capturing our wedding. He fine tuned our video beautifully and highlighted moments that still bring me to tears years later. Very thankful and highly recommended!"

                             - Amberley S.

"I honestly can’t say enough great things about Folklore Films. Nathan and Ally are so easy to work with. Their work style uses a perfect balance of professionalism and fun. This combination allows them to capture beautiful moments of authentic emotion. To this day I look back back on my wedding video, and I am able to feel exactly what I felt that day. Folklore Films goes above and beyond in everything they do, and I recommend them to absolutely everybody!"

                                      - Lindsey M.

"To me my wedding photos, or a wedding video is one of the more important things to consider when planning a wedding. That is what you have to look back on to remember that special moment in time. I am overwhelmed by what Nathan was able to capture. He travelled to our wedding venue, and made us feel so comfortable and in the moment, which captured the perfect shots. He has a unique artistic eye, taking stunning posed video, yet also capturing amazing candid shots. I highly recommend choosing Folklore Films for your wedding!"

                                     - Emily S.

"Folklore film gave us the perfect keepsake to have for the rest of our lives. We didn't realize how much our wedding video would mean to us until we watched ours. Photos only capture so much, and can be ruined by a blink at the wrong moment or reactions being out of sync. However, our video Nathan and Ally created captured all those beautiful moments and compiled them into a piece of artwork to cherish. Nathan's style is beautiful and we could not be happier with the process or the result. Thank you Ally and Nate!"

                                                            - Chris & Margo


We would love to start by getting to know you - what your dream wedding film includes, and how we can help make your wedding the most memorable day of your life. 

Please begin by telling us more about yourselves!

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